Our architectural studio was founded in 2007.

We offer complex architectural, design and engineering services.

Our team is made up of architects and external specialist building engineers.

Our ambition is,  for our projects, buildings and interiors to be a quality part of the public space and to bring pleasure to their visitors and users.

Our proposals are based on dialogue with the client, respecting the individual requirements and needs of the investor. We work on the project with the investor from its concept to the last construction or interior detail.

We prepare plans, urban and architectural studies. We process complex project documentation and coordinate projects with specialists.

It is important for us to approach new constructions from an ecological point of view and we think of the energy efficiency of these buildings.

Our specialty is in the exhibition projects and interior projects that we address, including the incorporation of the latest technology to the very last detail. For these projects, we process the tender documentation.


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The exhibition is located in the Museum of the Jeseníky region in the Water Fortress in Jeseník. We introduced the geology to children and older visitors as an interesting science. The supporting element of the exhibition is the Spiral with a time axis with illustrations. The exhibition shows the origin and development of the Earth along with the geomorphological development of Jeseník.

Gloria musaealis 2014, III.place


The exhibition is located in the cellar of the Water Fortress in Jeseník. The cellar space has been preserved in its original beauty and the interior has been equipped with items in contemporary design with backlit screens showing prints. Part of the exhibition is the fog screen projection wall, which creates a surface of “dry” fog, on which the movie is projected. The movie shows the first witch case in the Jeseník region.

Gloria musaealis 2011, II.place


The panel of adjudicators appreciated our design of the Art gallery from four blocks “cut out” from one mass. The intention was to create a contemporary building that provides the optimal environment for the perception of Art works – simple spaces, interesting in their changes of the shape and the size, with penetrating daylight, without columns, allowing for variable arrangement of possible internal divisions.

Public architectural competition, II. place



  • Houses and apartment interiors
  • Offices, boutiques and shops interiors
  • Cinema interiors


  • Design of apartments and houses
  • Complex design including interior and garden
  • Supervision during construction


  • Design of exhibitions
  • Complete documentation for tenders
  • Supervision and coordination of experts

Hotel interiors

  • Architectural studies of the interior
  • Vizualizations
  • Coordination of contractors


  • Architect's sensitive approach
  • Design of spaces with a new function
  • Projects including rehabilitation of building structures

Industrial architecture

  • Urban plans
  • Design of industrial buildings
  • Complete documentation including technology